Why do I need to go to a conditioning program before I can go for physiotherapy? Can’t I just go straight to physiotherapy? My doctor didn’t say anything about a conditioning program.

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1. Many, if most people, don’t exercise regularly because of time restraints. Work and family commitments get in the way. So the fact is that most people are “deconditioned”, in plain English, out of shape. Then, they are injured in a car crash where the muscles are overstretched and torn.

2. The medical research says that it is not a good idea for people who are even a bit deconditioned to step right into a physiotherapy program. They will not get maximum benefits and they may even hurt themselves.

3. It is for this reason that IRC’s medical advisors asked us to set up a conditioning program that you take in the week or two before your actual physiotherapy sessions start. We call our conditioning program our “Pre-Physio Prep Program” ( Triple P program).

4. The Triple P Program is:

( a ) absolutely free

( b ) unique in that no other rehabilitation clinic has such a program

5. In the Triple P Program, conducted by our kinesiologists, you will learn about your muscles and how they work and the way in which muscles heal. You will also begin the process of conditioning with the use of gentle cardiovascular and stretching routines to get the blood flowing to the injured muscles.

6. At IRC, we hope that you see the thought process that has gone into developing our one of a kind conditioning program that you will take before you begin physiotherapy.