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Car Accident Injuries

Injury rehabilitation for ICBC patients

In most cases, we offer a no up-front fee policy. Our services will be funded through a combination of ICBC funding, extended benefits (if available) and Directions to Pay, which will deflect payment until settlement of your case. We strive to be accessible to as many clients as possible.

We are and will remain non-political, in that we will not align with either ICBC or lawyers. Our mandate is to provide quality, efficient paramedical care designed to return ICBC clients to their pre-accident state as quickly as possible. Additionally, we are committed to cost efficiency. We understand insurance companies do not have bottomless pockets to fund paramedical care. Our focus will always be on results and getting you better.

Medical Specialists

We have a strong network of Doctors and Specialists that we work closely with. Should the time arise that you are in need of a second opinion, or a medical specialist, we will be able to put you into contact with the right people in a timely manor. This will assist you in reaching a full, proper recovery.

Do I need a lawyer?

There are many benefits to hiring a lawyer. It allows them to handle the law-specifics of your case, while you focus on receiving the treatment you need to fully recover from your accident. As such, we will not provide legal advice, but do advise you to seek the advice of a lawyer, even if just for information.

Dealing with ICBC

Unlike some other rehabilitation clinics, we will fully cooperate with ICBC adjustors. If ICBC is funding care, it is only fair that adjustors are privy to the information they require to monitor the clients recovery.

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