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Will I ever get better?

You might be asking yourself and your doctor this very question right now. No doubt that there has been some improvement from those early days right after the car crash but it is months later and you are still having the back and neck pain virtually on a daily basis. If this is your situation,

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Why do I need to go to a conditioning program before I can go for physiotherapy? Can’t I just go straight to physiotherapy? My doctor didn’t say anything about a conditioning program.

1. Many, if most people, don’t exercise regularly because of time restraints. Work and family commitments get in the way. So the fact is that most people are “deconditioned”, in plain English, out of shape. Then, they are injured in a car crash where the muscles are overstretched and torn. 2. The medical research says

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Do I Have to Have Chiropractic Care as Part of my Program?

1. Of course not. Just like you do not have to do physiotherapy or massage or active rehabilitation. 2. But if you do have chiropractic care as part of your treatment program, it will : (a) improve your chances of recovering, and (b) Impress ICBC that you are serious in doing everything possible to get

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How Can IRC Offer a “No Up-front Fee Policy” when other Clinics Cannot

1. To answer that question, we need to look first at how people usually pay for treatment after a car crash. 2. ICBC does not pay the full cost of treatment up front, even if the car crash was not your fault. ICBC pays a portion of the treatment cost. The balance (the difference between

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