Do I Have to Have Chiropractic Care as Part of my Program?

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1. Of course not. Just like you do not have to do physiotherapy or massage or active rehabilitation.

2. But if you do have chiropractic care as part of your treatment program, it will :

(a) improve your chances of recovering, and

(b) Impress ICBC that you are serious in doing everything possible to get better

3.What if your medical doctor doesn’t prescribe chiropractic? It doesn’t matter. You do not need a medical doctor referral. Remember that chiropractors themselves are “doctors” under British Columbia law.

4. Remember too that chiropractors are the experts in treating problems in the spinal joints. Such problems are very common sources of neck and back pain in car crashes.

5. And the best part – for chiropractic care at IRC, there is no user fee at all. ICBC pays the full cost of the treatment up front for IRC clients.