Kevin Mitchell

Kevin Mitchell is a former Olympian in the sport of Water Polo, and now is a practicing Kinesiologist with Injury Rehab Clinic. Kevin is a registered Kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK) and received his degree from the University of the Fraser Valley. At Injury Rehab Clinic, he specializes in exercise rehabilitation with a special and injured populations. He provides all clients with:Kevin Mitchell

– Personal injury and Sports injury Exercise Rehabilitation
– Education for a balanced and healthy lifestyle
– Proper lifting technique for back health
– Weight loss programs
– Performance programs for all sports
– Functional movement evaluations
– Proper weight lifting techniques
– Ergonomic assessments
– Postural assessments

He has an outgoing personality, is easily approachable, and enjoys working with people. He is also a well established Water Polo coach who has won several National Championships Titles.

Kevin now enjoys playing water polo recreationally, biking, running, and hiking.