At the IRC, our kinesiologist helps people make physical activity choices that will help them lead a healthy life. A kinesiologist studies the science of human movement and how it can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Kinesiologists give advice on which activities are best suited to help a person reach their health and fitness goals.

Our kinesiologist will help you with the following:

– Developing a fitness profile and helping decide what your goals are.
– Developing fitness programs that suit your specific needs.
– Link you to the necessary resources to lead a healthy life.
– Work with physicians to design special programs for clients with various health concerns.
– Promote a healthy lifestyle to the general public.

Our kinesiologists are involved with designing and implementing fitness routines for the general public and for those afflicted with various medical conditions. Part of their work involves being in an office setting where they can meet with clients and determine what their goals are and what their fitness plan should look like. The other part of work is spent in our state of the art facility, helping their clients perform their fitness plan.

For more information and to book an appointment, please contact us.